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Glen brook Steel Mill

excellence in planning and scheduling to ensure absolutely no disruption to operations within a live steel mill facility


High attention to Bluescope steel's international OHS/E standards was key to Nikau's award of this contract.

This huge steel project included the 45m high "Bird House" which was clad in Asbestos material. The cladding had to be removed, all internal structures including mezzanine floors and plant removed and the Bird House reclad for reuse.

Demolition activities were conducted directly adjacent to live working areas, so site security, hoarding and dust / noise migration issues had to be developed and implemented to eliminate any reduced production for the Client.

All auxillary pipe work, sky bridges, towers, silos and the Refractory also had to be deconstructed.

Being a live steel mill facility, the site was dusty and dirty, creating additional health hazards to personnel that also required addressing.

Scaffolding "bird's nest" working platforms had to be installed and maintained inside the Bird House structure for access for demolition works to remove internal plant and equipment at heights.

During shut down periods, the site ran in two 12hour shifts.

The deconstruction process was sucessfully completed with the assistance and co-ordination efforts of the Client and their engineering representatives, who were throughout the project a critical element of the project team.

The project won the New Zealand National Department of Labour Site Safety Excellence award with over 62,000 man hours completed and no accidents or harm - a direct reflection of the high standards of project management and implementation by the Nikau and BlueScope team.