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Concrete Cutting


Complimenting our deconstruction projects and demonstrating our committment to a complete in house service for our clients, Nikau delivers its own concrete, steel cutting and drilling arm for use not only on our worksites, but also available for single cutting projects; specialising in:

bulletpoint.jpg   Bridges
bulletpoint.jpg   Multi-storey structures
bulletpoint.jpg   Heavy Industrial
bulletpoint.jpg   Commercial
bulletpoint.jpg   Underwater cutting
bulletpoint.jpg   Chimney deconstruction
bulletpoint.jpg   Specialists in contaminated concrete cutting, drilling, and containment

Certified ISO 45001, 9001, and 14001 for our concrete cutting and drilling, Nikau has a proven track record for concrete cutting from small to large projects New Zealand wide.

Our cutting equipment includes:

bulletpoint.jpg   Wire saws including steel and underwater cutting
bulletpoint.jpg   Floor saws
bulletpoint.jpg   Ring saws
bulletpoint.jpg   Hand saws
bulletpoint.jpg   Wall saws
bulletpoint.jpg   Core drills