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Our Philosophy



Bridge Timelapse

Every building marked for deconstruction has significance, either to the people who own it, or who lived or worked in it, or in whose neighbourhood it stands. It may represent a treasure in a city’s heritage. Or the movie theatre you visited as a child. Or it could simply be the landmark on the skyline, the name of which we don’t remember but could describe with our eyes closed. 

Which is why NikauGroup is in the business of deconstruction, as opposed to demolition. Deconstruction is a highly considered process sympathetic to both the environmental and social implications associated with every necessary step. We believe that each aspect of the process involved in taking a building apart should be treated with respect – from the site appraisal, through to the salvage of precious relics or personal belongings, through to the dismantling itself.

NikauGroup is a solutions-driven company. Whatever the type and significance of your building, and whatever the challenges, you too will receive the benefits of our approach, our expertise, our extensive industry experience and the meticulous planning we bring to every job.

We see the bigger picture, and it’s always positive.