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NZ Native Timber & Flooring

when it comes to native new zealand flooring and timber, rimu, matai, tawa and nz kauri. NIKAU HAS YOU COVERED 

Rare and highly desirable - New Zealand native timber and flooring

At Nikau, we have been specialists in recovering, re-profiling and milling of our recovered Native timber stocks for over 35 years. We run a denailing, metal detecting and milling facitlity out of our Onehunga, Auckland depot. We are open 5 days per week Monday to Friday to the public and to our account customers

Please be advised that remachined orders can take between 3-5 days to prepare 

Rimu T&G Flooring 135x20 $14.00 to $17.00 + GST per meter 

Rimu T&G Flooring 85x20 $9.00 to $11.00 + GST per meter 

Matai T&G Flooring 85x20 $14.00 + GST per meter

Matai T&G Flooring 135x20 $22.50 + GST per meter 

NZ Kauri T&G Flooring 85x20 $14.00 + GST per meter

NZ Kauri T&G Flooring 135x20 $22.50 + GST per meter

Tawa T&G Flooring 85x20 $6 to $7 + GST per meter 

Plus many other dimensions. We also stock a huge range of denailed and dried Rough Sawn larger sizes. please enquire with any questions or requests you have 

 We can arrange delivery Nationwide and Globally. 

Sales yard opening hours: 8.30am to 4pm Mondays to fridays

call Mike on 0274 537 845 or email [email protected]