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Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling


The company has for many years implemented a waste reduction and management policy for it’s sites.  Vast increases in waste materials lead to greater increases in disposal costs.  Where it is possible, the company attempts to salvage a minimum of 90% of a demolished structure.  This target has been achieved through the implementation of specialist plant and equipment (such as our rotational shears, timber machining & recycling facilities, onsite and offsite recycling plant) in conjuction with personnel commitment through specialist training and incentives to meet our targets.

Nikau has recycling facilities located at the former Meremere Power Plant, Waikato, conveniently located on State Highway 1.

Waste recovery services include:

bulletpoint.jpg   Mobile Concrete Crushing
bulletpoint.jpg   Shredding - tyres, timber & light gauge metals
bulletpoint.jpg   Wood and Concrete Separation
bulletpoint.jpg   Aggregate Washing
bulletpoint.jpg   Tub Grinding
bulletpoint.jpg   Screening

 Reinforcing our commitment for sustainable outcomes on our projects, Nikau is fully certified to ISO 45001, 9001 and 14001 for material recovery, waste recycling and diversion.