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your trusted and reliable partner in deconstruction & EVIRONMENTAL remediation

Expert hazardous material remediation requires specialist equipment from health and safety protection, through to removal equipment, decontamination and water reticulation.

At Nikau, due to the varied tasks and substances our personnel may be exposed to on projects, Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing is assessed by OHS/E management to ensure that it is fit and suitable for the necessary tasks to provide optimum protection to our personnel.

Nikau has 14 certificate of competency holders in restricted asbestos removal and works hand in hand with client's, consultants, regulatory and local authorities with a life cycle approach to a project - from start to clearance completion.

Specialist equipment includes:

bulletpoint.jpg   Full face air filtration respiratory protection
bulletpoint.jpg   Self rescue breathing apparatus 
bulletpoint.jpg   Air monitoring units
bulletpoint.jpg   Mobile, material and temporary personnel decontamination units
bulletpoint.jpg   Material and equipment decontamination facilities 
bulletpoint.jpg   Material cleaning and wash bays
bulletpoint.jpg   Water storage and reticulation / filtration units

Personal health and hygiene are the highest of priorities on remediation projects. Messing and amenity facilities are maintained at safe distances from working / removal areas to ensure no cross contamination and facilities are regularly maintained by dedicated trained personnel under the direct supervision of certified experts.