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Teamwork, integrity & commitment

Proudly serving the New Zealand building and construction industries since 1978, Nikau has firmly cemented their position as New Zealand's  innovative deconstruction, salvage and environmental remediation technologies.

John and Diana Stil founded Nikau in 1978 based on the core values of teamwork, integrity, and commitment. The company's reach is Pacific wide, and our people uphold our founder's vision to provide valuable deconstruction and decontamination services to Clients, build relationships in the Community, and deliver important resources to our projects.

As the world and our market changes, so does Nikau. We will forever remain at heart a 100% Māori, whānau-owned business adhering to the highest of standards, and we will continue to invest in leading edge technology, updating and refining proceses, to adapt and address our Client's changing conditions and demands.

Reaching back to our humble beginnings, where 90 - 100% recycling and reuse rates were commonplace, Nikau draws on this experience to provide practical, and sustainable solutions that support and promote the protection and enhancement of our natural environment.

Investing in upgrading our plant and fleet to comply with European Tier 4 carbon emission standards, Nikau can also provide a total end-of-life carbon footprint report for all large heavy plant and equipment, calculated in accordance with ISO14040:2006. We also have extended our fully electric capabilities into mini excavators and other multi versatile demolition tools to improve safety and efficiency, and importantly reduce our emissions and fossil fuel dependency.

Integrated enabling technologies seamlessly collaborate our activities and bridges the gap between our site teams - our workers, and management - where ever they may be. From HSEQ inspections, audits, incident notifications through to the ability to access critical operational information - are all available in real time that greatly improves our responsiveness and efficiency.

Manakitanga, whakawhirinaki, tuwheratanga, me whakaute - all values and qualities we instill into all our people and our projects.

Nikau offer specialist expertise in the following areas;

bulletpoint.jpg  Deconstruction and Dismantling
bulletpoint.jpg  Decontamination of Hazardous Materials
bulletpoint.jpg  Craning and Rigging
bulletpoint.jpg  Specialist Concrete Cutting
bulletpoint.jpg  Civil Earthworks
bulletpoint.jpg  Scrap Metal Recycling
bulletpoint.jpg  Construction Waste and Concrete Recycling

Nikau's clients extends to all areas in the Asia Pacific Region in the following sectors;

bulletpoint.jpg  Petrochemical
bulletpoint.jpg  Heavy Industrial
bulletpoint.jpg  Energy, Oil and Gas
bulletpoint.jpg  City Centre and Commericial 
bulletpoint.jpg  Healthcare
bulletpoint.jpg  Pharmaceutical
bulletpoint.jpg  Education