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Scrap Metal Recycling

the start is demolish; the finish is recycle

scrap-metal-recycling.jpgAs New Zealand's largest demolition company Nikau is very experienced in turning demolition scrap metal products into recyclable materials. In order to do this we offer a variety of different services to optimise metal recovery. These services include:

bulletpoint.jpg   Metal Analysing
bulletpoint.jpg   Mobile Baling
bulletpoint.jpg   Commercial Recycling Options
bulletpoint.jpg   Mobile Shredding
bulletpoint.jpg   Cable Cutting and Stripping
bulletpoint.jpg   Mobile Scrap Shears and Magnets
bulletpoint.jpg   Transport

From the demolition process, Nikau can recover valuable metals for recycling and resale. Some of these include:

bulletpoint.jpg   Scrap Steel
bulletpoint.jpg   Aluminium
bulletpoint.jpg   Stainless Steel
bulletpoint.jpg   Copper
bulletpoint.jpg   Nickle
bulletpoint.jpg   Brass

Talk to us today to see what Nikau can do you to achieve maximum value for your metals