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Emergency Response

NIKAU IS A PROUD HONOURARY MEMBER OF THE UNITED KINGDOM URBAN SEARCH AND RESCUE TEAM for our efforts in the assistaNce of recovery in the devastating 2011 canterbury earthquakes

Nikau can quickly and effectively mobilise a vast array of resources to undertake structural stabilisation and safety operations to allow safe, unimpeded access for emergency services.

With our swift, co-ordinated response, Nikau is the first point of call in emergency situations by services and provides assistance and assessment for the following

    • Earthquake damaged buildings and other structures
    • Impact damaged bridges and other structures
    • Fire damaged stuctures and buildings including assisting the fire department for safe access
    • Weather damaged structures, assisstance in weatherproofing and temporary propping
    • Hazardous spills and emergency asbestos cleanups

For all emgencies please see our contact page for further details