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Teamwork, integrity & commitment

Specialist deconstruction, hazardous material remediation, waste minimisation and recycling services.

From accurately estimating project costs and efficiently managing job site activities, closely controlling project deadlines and setting high safety and environmental standards, Nikau has with over 43 years within the New Zealand industry, built a solid reputation for proving dependable, solutions driven deconstruction, dismantling and remediation services.

We can provide:

bulletpoint.jpg   Extensive knowledge and expertise
bulletpoint.jpg   A comprehensive safety program unequalled in New Zealand
bulletpoint.jpg   Customised site solutions
bulletpoint.jpg   Expertly trained and competent site personnel
bulletpoint.jpg   Responsive and courteous service
bulletpoint.jpg   State of the art fuel efficient and low emission technology
bulletpoint.jpg   National and International service provider


Specialist deconstruction

No job is too complex and utilising the latest in deconstruction technologies, Nikau provides it's clients with custom services and solutions.

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Asbestos, PCB's, Hydrocarbons, Heavy Metals, Biological materials are significant health hazards. Nikau specialises in providing clients with a one stop shop for the safe, efficient and effective identification and removal of these materials.

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Waste Minimisation

Utilising state of the art technologies and techniques, Nikau implements solutions to reduce waste creation on all it's projects and can taylor these to it's clients project performance objectives.

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natiVe timber recyclING & RE-USE

Specialist timber recycling sourced from our projects and

re-machined to suit your needs.

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emergency response

Timely and effective mobilisation of specialist resources to assist emergency services.

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Here you can find out more about our company, our team and the services we offer.

And if you would like to discuss your deconstruction, dismantling or remediation project, call us on:

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