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Nikau's ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System has been designed to not only ensure compliance with regulatory and client requirements, but to facilitate a pro-active consideration of issues, embedding them into ongoing site operations. If we can develop a way to do a task with an enhanced regard for environmental standards and outcomes, we adopt it.

Our environmental commitment on all of our demolition sites:

    • Eliminate all notifiable environmental incidents;
    • Positive reporting and investigation incidents;
    • Toolbox meetings to be held weekly;
    • Pre-start meetings to be held at the start of each shift;
    • Workforce is highly trained and competent for their duties;
    • Minimise environmental hazards and inspection programs operating effectively;
    • Subcontractor’s pre-qualification assessment and pre-start readiness approved;
    • Compliance with project specific Environmental Management Plan/SWMs.


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