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Port Taranaki Power Station

the largest deconstruction and recovery project in new zealand history


The Port Taranaki power station is the largest deconstruction project undertaken in New Zealand in terms of size and value.

Comprising of the complete gutting out of the turbine hall for reuse, including backfilling of trenches and cooling pits and the complete deconstruction of the boiler hall.

The power station is made up of five identical turbines and five identical top hung boilers and the estimated scrap return is in the thousands of tonnes.

The iconic Chinmey, 198m high and prior to Auckland's Skycity being constructed, the tallest structure in New Zealand, was to remain and care had to be taken to ensure no damage to the structure during the deconstruction and removal of ducting to the chimney from the Boiler House.

Care had to be taken as there were still live high voltage cables running the length of the turbine hall that fed power to a large portion of Taranaki - approximately 20,000 consumers; that could not be damaged at all during deconstruction.

The Port Taranaki Power Station has one significant difference to other projects - the sheer size and scope of the project; unprecidented in New Zealand; directed that any and every possible hazard that could be encountered on a demolition and contamination site was present here, so Nikau's team worked hard to develop practical, achievable solutions for common and unique hazards.

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View Nikau's Time Lapse Video of the Port Taranaki Power Station Deconstruction below