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Karapiro Dam Turbine Deconstruction


This award winning groundbreaking project for Mercury Energy, reshaping the engineering landscape with the replacement of discharge linings at the Karapiro Dam site. 

The challenge was immense, dismantling steel discharge rings and mass concrete within 17-meter-deep, 5.8-meter-wide shafts. However, obstacles emerged in the form of dust and fume emissions during demolition and the intricate maneuvering required within confined spaces for access and egress. 

Employing client-supplied access, Nikau orchestrated a feat of engineering finesse, mobilizing an array of electric machinery, including robotic demolition machinery and specialised concrete cutting equipment. Teams meticulously navigated the depths of the shafts, rigorously controlling slurry while deftly rigging and lifting cut pieces out of the structure using an on-site gantry crane.

Addressing the challenges of fume and dust emissions was pivotal. Nikau ingeniously employed extraction ventilation systems to ensure a pristine working environment. Adding to the complexity, the steel discharge rings were coated in epoxies, mandating the use of Respiratory Protective Devices (RPD) for the workforce during cutting and abrasion tasks.

Nikau's innovative approach and commitment to precision and safety not only conquered the complexities of this project but set a new standard in intricate demolition works. Their meticulous methodology and stringent safety protocols propelled this feat into a benchmark of excellence in the engineering and demolition realm.