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Port Taranaki Power Station


The Port Taranaki power station is the largest deconstruction project undertaken in New Zealand in terms of size and value. 

Project Overview:

Port Taranaki Limited engaged Worley Parsons (WP) to manage and tender out the deconstruction project. WP sorted interest from demolition and scrap companies from Australia and New Zealand.
Nikau’s bid was more relying on the fact that demolition was the key driver in making the project successful not the scrap,. and that the scrap is a by-product of the demolition and getting the structures down safely was more important. Nikau also highlighted its experience in demolishing top hung boilers through the Meremere Deconstruction Project.

The Port Taranaki Power Station (NPPS) is the most complex demolition project undertaken in New Zealand to date with the highest recovery of scrap metal.
Key considerations impacting on the design of the deconstruction methodology are as follows:


  • The PTPS has 5 top hung boilers enclosed in the Boiler House approximately 50m in height.
  • Dismantling of the 5 turbines with maximum lifts of 60 tonnes.
  • On the boundary of a nationally recognised marine reserve to the north which houses a seal colony and fauna and flora which had an impact on the type of deconstruction activities employed along with environmental controls throughout the project.
  • No implosion allowed due to fuel tanks adjacent to the site, the Turbine Hall and the 198m chimney are to remain.
  • Removal and processing of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals for resale to overseas buyers 25,000 tonne. Recycling of 20,000m3 of concrete for backfilling of the site.

The iconic Chinmey, 198m high and prior to Auckland's Skycity being constructed, the tallest structure in New Zealand, was to remain and care had to be taken to ensure no damage to the structure during the deconstruction and removal of ducting to the chimney from the Boiler House.

Care had to be taken as there were still live high voltage cables running the length of the turbine hall that fed power to a large portion of Taranaki - approximately 20,000 consumers; that could not be damaged at all during deconstruction.

Contractor responsibilities:

  • Deconstruction of New Zealand 2nd largest coal fired Power-station.
  • Removal of Asbestos materials throughout
  • Cut and Crane of large structural elements some at 90t sections
  • Crushing and recycling of more than 20,000m3 of concrete material for backfilling. 
  • Demolition high reach
  • Demolition heavy machinery
  • Working around live assets including live heavy transformers owned by Transpower.
  • Make good the turbine hall slab with the design in install of a 200mm thick fibre slab of around 10,000m2.

The Port Taranaki Power Station has one significant difference to other projects - the sheer size and scope of the project; unprecidented in New Zealand; directed that any and every possible hazard that could be encountered on a demolition and contamination site was present here, so Nikau's team worked hard to develop practical, achievable solutions for common and unique hazards.

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