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NX2 Puhoi


The new motorway will provide increased safety, more consistent travel times, create a more robust and reliable road between Auckland and Northland, and provide a better freight connection between Northland and the Upper North Island. This is expected to support economic and population growth.

It will also improve connections between the growth areas in the northern Rodney area of Auckland and reduce congestion at Warkworth by providing a bypass for through traffic.

Time savings are expected to be greater for trucks due to reductions in grades and a better road layout, which helps heavy vehicles maintain a higher average speed along the route.

It’s estimated an average of around 20,000 vehicles a day currently travel on SH1 between Pūhoi and Warkworth. Within the next ten years it is predicted traffic will increase to more than 31,000 vehicles a day, shared between the new motorway and the current SH1.

Nikau is subcontracted to provide services for demolition of the concrete barriers, old structural sign demolition, providing a 250t crane to lift in the deck panels of the new bridge and asbestos cleanup works in the old Pa and swamp areas.

The works started in 2020 and will be completed mid 2023.