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Port Taranaki Shed 6 and Moturoa Wharf


 The Moturoa Gallery and Moturoa Store (Shed 6) were built in the early 1980s to support the establishment of the Kapuni ammonia-urea plant, which was part of the Muldoon government’s ‘Think Big’ strategy to boost New Zealand’s infrastructure and decrease its reliance on imports. The South Taranaki production plant used gas from the nearby natural gas fields to produce urea, with initially 80% of the urea exported.

Being the last remaining asbestos structures on the Port and the presence of asbestos contamination throughout, Nikau were contracted to environmentally clean the internal of the both structures under Class A conditions, remove all external asbestos cladding and deconstruct the structures. All works were completed safely whilst being on a “live” Port and extreme weather conditions which New Plymouth is known for.

Contractor Responsibilities:

  • Environmental clean of the interior of both structures under Class A conditions. All the interior of the structures were contaminated with asbestos dust and large amounts of bird guano.

  • Working on “live” port meant strict H&S protocols must been in place.

  • Permit to Work systems in place and a dedicated permit receiver from Nikau.

  • Safe removal of asbestos cladding using Nikau owned cranes for access for the removal.

  • Located within high industrial and public space including on main arterial routes within New Plymouth.

  • Transporting of all asbestos and contaminated waste back to Waikato as New Plymouth has no landfill.

  • Washing and recycling of all steel derived from the deconstruction works.

  • Deconstruction of all structures using cut and crane techniques. Design and manufacture lifting devices for tandem lifting of the Wharf Gallery due to the design of the structures.